The Outer Edge

The Outer Edge

The Outer Edge, A Hot Seller as College Text

Several colleges now use The Outer Edge: Classic Investigations of the Paranormal as a text in courses on critical thinking. Included are the University of New Orleans, LA, the College of the Sequoias, CA, and Lafeyette College, PA.

Edited by Joe Nickell, Barry Karr, and Tom Genoni, The Outer Edge is a compilation of some of the best and most memorable articles Skeptical Inquirer has published over the last two decades. Grouped into chapters on celestial portents, extraterrestrials, fortunetelling, visions of death and investigating paranormal claims, selections include:

  • Cold Reading: How to Convince Strangers You Know All About Them by Ray Hyman
  • An Investigation of Firewalking by Bernard Leikend and William J. McCarthy
  • Incredible Cremations: Investigating Spontaneous Combustion Deaths by Joe Nickell and John F. Fischer
  • The Burden of Skepticism by Carl Sagan
  • New Evidence of MJ-12 Hoax by Phil Klass
  • The Aliens Among Us: Hypnotic Regression Revisited by Robert Baker

and more…

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