Introductory Mail Offer: Skeptical Inquirer Subscription

Introductory Mail Offer: Skeptical Inquirer Subscription


“The Skeptical Inquirer exposes pseudoscience, and nurtures critical thinking. That’s why I look forward to every issue. By advancing science literacy, we can improve everyone’s quality of life. With people everywhere thinking critically and embracing a skeptical point of view, together we can change the world.”
Bill Nye "The Science Guy"

“I know of no greater antidote to pseudoscience than the contents of Skeptical Inquirer magazine. I wait with high anticipation for the arrival of every next issue. And when it arrives, I read every word. And when I am done, my fuel tanks are once again topped off for my next round of encounters with all those who have not yet learned how to think.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson

“When so many of our fellow citizens are igniting brushfires of irrationality and then fanning the flames, Skeptical Inquirer is a great fire extinguisher to keep handy: trustworthy, effective, and a pleasure to read. Don’t leave home without one!”
Daniel Dennett

“If only the Skeptical Inquirer could be distributed to every home in the land! There would be fewer idiotic dinner-party conversations about ghosts, crop circles and ‘uncanny’ coincidences. More importantly, people might learn by example how to think for themselves, to the enormous benefit of the world.”
Richard Dawkins


Accept my risk-free offer to try Skeptical Inquirer and the coffee is on me. --Barry Karr

Dear Thinking Friend:

For all I know, you already receive one or more magazines with a scientific or skeptical bent. So why try one more?

Free with Trial Subscription: $5 gourmet coffee cardI think the best answer is to let you examine Skeptical Inquirer for yourself. That’s why I’m making you this risk-free subscription offer. I’m betting that one issue will be all it takes to convince you that Skeptical Inquirer is in a class of its own, an informative breath of fresh air, full of discovery, and a great read. The kind of publication no intelligent person wants to do without.

SPECIAL OFFER—I invite you to enjoy a bracing gourmet coffee, FREE, while you relax with Skeptical Inquirer. The moment you subscribe, I’ll send you a free gift: a $5 gourmet coffee card good at a well-known chain. (They prefer not to have their name used in advertising.) I hope you’ll complete the form below and mail it in the enclosed envelope now, while the coffee is hot.

Best regards,

Barry Karr
Executive Director
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

P.S. Remember, this is a risk-free offer. If you’re not delighted with your subscription, cancel at any time. I’ll refund the price of all undelivered issues, and you may keep the free $5 gourmet coffee card.

New subscribers only. Skeptical Inquirer is published bimonthly by the nonprofit Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

You'll need some information from the label on the mailing you received with this offer, so please have it handy before you proceed.

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